Welcome to my collection of Object Pascal Experimental Applications using Lazarus with Free Pascal 3.0.0. Started programming in the early 80ties with ALGOL and Borland Turbo Pascal.
Notes: Lazarus Internet of Things Experients, goto home > IoT > Raspberry Pi. Some Delphi examples here.

ZeosLib SQLite
A simple SQLite table, books, enabling CRUD Operations using a DBGrid with DBNavigator.
The database uses ZeosLib database components.
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In-Memory ToDo List
The ToDo list uses a BufDataSet managed by a DBGrid with DBNavigator.
Table ToDo Structure: ID, ftAutoInc, 4; ToDo, ftString, 10; Priority, ftInteger, 4; DueDate, ftDate, 0
An in-memory database is great for developing (small) apps requiring fast (and not big amount) data access. Download Open Source

Message Chat via UDP between Lazarus & B4J Server (running on Raspberry Pi)
The Lazarus application is based upon the Synapse Library to communicate with a B4J Server (non-UI application) running on a Raspberry Pi.
A thread handles the incoming UDP packages on the Lazarus application. The BJ Server is accessed via Browser IP:Port (e.g.
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TinkerForge Experiments
Each Experiment uses TinkerForge Bricks and Bricklets plus in cases additional hardware, extentions or accessories like WiFi Extension, MakerBeam.
One Master Brick is connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi or PC. The Bricklets are connected to one or more Master Bricks.
TinkerForge Ambient Light 2.0 Logger
Log the Illuminance in regular intervals.
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TinkerForge Ambient Light 2.0 MQTT
Subscribe to the Illuminance provided by an Ambient Light 2.0 Bricklet connected to a Raspberry Pi.
  • The MQTT Client Library (many thanks)
  • The fcl-json units to parse the JSON string from the TinkerForge MQTT Proxy (running on the Raspberry Pi)
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TinkerForge IO-4 Pin Control
Select a pin (0 - 3), direction set to output and change the value to high or low. Tested with LEDs.
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TinkerForge IO-16 Pin Control
Select a port (a or b) and pin (0 - 7). Change state to high or low. Tested with LEDs.
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TinkerForge RGB LED Set Color
Set the RGB color using sliders or turn on/off.
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TinkerForge NFC/RFID
Listen to the RFID Tags. ToDo: Act on identified tag ID, Write tag ID.
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