//Information ReadMe Sample Projects Tools & Libraries Accordion Accordion Container Switch between TitledPanes Application Cancel closing Application Check Java Version Command Line Builder Create Exe from Jar Create Exe from Jar Launch4J Create Jar File Error Create Non-UI App Create Non-UI App with Parameter Create Non-UI App with Timer Create Non-UI Terminal App Create UI and non UI mode app Create an UUID Detect the Operating System Determine App Running Time Determine Java Version Distribute an Application Find all Events for a Node Get Application Data Folder Get Harddisk Serial Number Get Jar full Filename Get Java Version and Home Get Mouse Position Get Project Packagename Get Screensize Get User Home Folder Get a System Property Get all System Properties Integrate B4J apps as Java applets Java Heap Space Increase Load another Layout Log a compiled Jar Log entry in red Text Log entry using BA LogError MDI Forms & Windows Module Attribute List Monitor Memory Usage Package Name Play a Beep or Sound Protect App Settings Run App on Mac Run Application NoClassDefFoundError Run B4J App as Process Set App to Full Screen Set Application Always on Top Set Jetty Logging Level Set System Language Show CHM Help File Start App in Full Screen Mode Tooltip Set Style Trap App Exit UI App with jServer Application Development Compiler Messages Ini-File b4xV5 Internal Keywords Naming Conventions Project and Library Attributes UI App Template Arduino About Arduino Hints B4J Log Temperature B4J Switch Led On/Off AsyncStreams About Data Collection Error Message when closing B4J UI Applications on ARM Boards About MessageDialog JFrame MessageDialog JFrame and JButton MessageDialog JOptionPane B4J-Bridge About & Hints Autostart Basic Syntax About Basic Syntax Samples Bit and Bytes Bit Shift, And Byte Array to HEX String Byte Array to String Byte Set and GetBit Byte String to HEX String Byte String to UDF HEX String Byte to Binary String Byte to HEX String HEX String to Byte Array HEX String to Int Int to Binary String Int to Byte Buttons Add Button Icon using Code Change Button Icon dynamically Create Radio Button Group Create Toggle Button Create Toggle Button Group Create Transparent Icon Button Fire Event Open a ContextMenu Set Cursor Hand Pointer Set Font Awesome Text Set all Buttons Style Transparent Style Button Style Button CSSUtils Style Button Red Green Style Button like Hyperlink CSS Add Style Sheet dynamically to Form Apply JavaFX Oracle CSS Style Reference Button Set Style Transparent Button Style Transparent to All CSS File Example CSSUtils to set CSS attributes Edit a Style Sheet Fonts Style Setting Get caspian.css ProgressBar Styles Show JavaFX CSS Reference Guide Style JavaFX Buttons StyleClass change Style JavaObject View Customized StyleClass Canvas Create Canvas Events Draw Text on a Canvas Set Canvas Background Color Characters Convert Char Code Map Charts Charts Framework in real time Save a Chart to an Image CheckBox Change State Change Style CheckBox Right Clipboard Clear the Clipboard content Copy & paste using the Clipboard Read Clipboard content into String Array ColorPicker Change CSS Style Get ColorPicker Value Hide Label and other Style Settings Colors ARGB from Paint Color Paint as Hex String Color Paint as RGB String Conversion Routines List Color Names Library List jFX Standardcolors RGB Color as Map RGBA Color from 32bit Hex Standardcolor ComboBox Standardcolor Inputlist Store & Load fx.Colors Value ComboBox Add Items Check if Value is Null Define CSS Style Handle MouseEvents Maintain Recent Item List Set Default Item Set Item Color Set Prompt Text Set and Get Visible RowCount Show DropDown List Use IndexOf with Int Wrapping text in DropDownList ControlsFX About Modify Source using Eclipse TextField Clearable Cursor Change Image Set Style Hand Custom Views About Hints Labeled TextField Number TextField Numeric Spinner Data Types DataTypes Range Int Data Range Overflow Database Connect using JDBC DBUtils Delete a Record DBUtils InsertMaps DBUtils all Records in TableView Map Fields Use SQLite Use mySQL DatePicker for JavaFX 8 Event SetOnAction Get DatePicker Value Set & Get DatePicker Properties Set DateCell Tooltip Set DateFormat Set DatePicker Value DateTime Add hours, minutes or seconds Calculate Days beween Dates Calculate Time between Times Calculate Weekstart and Enddates Convert Seconds Time String Convert Ticks Time String Convert UNIX Ticks Date and Time Formats Get DateTime Now String Get Day Name in Week Get Default Date Format Get Easter Date for given Year Get Week Number Localize Date Format Parse Date & Time Subs Parse Date with right Format Parse a Date to Ticks Replace YYYYMMDD Ticks as Long Unparseble Date Message Debug Attribute DebuggerDisableOptimization Check Debug Mode Delay Delay Sub Domoticz Home Automation About About Lua Arduino Serial Gateway Command Utility Device Actions Device Actions Python Domoticz Database Domoticz Status Start Stop Event Data Hints JSON API Commands MQTT Python Plugin Framework Python runs B4J Non-UI program Raspberry Pi Autostart B4J Application Raspberry Pi GPIO Raspberry Pi as Domoticz Server Tinkerforge Brick Daemon installation Tinkerforge Data send to Domoticz B4J Application Dropbox Find Dropbox Path EMail EMail HTML Body Image Link EMail example ESP8266 About ESP8266 BASIC Sample DHT11 Eclipse Hints Events Hyperlink MouseClicked Slider ChangeListener Excel Clone Excel Sheet Library jExcel not closing workbook FTP Connect and Transfer Files Add Byte Order Mark Check File IsHidden Check Folder exists Create Binary File Create HTML File and show in Browser Delete File using FileChooserDialog File.Exists on Assets Folder Find Files recursive Get File last modification datetime Get Folder Size Get Long Filename Get Name, Path, Ext from full File Path List Downloads Folder List Files Assets Folder List Folders within a Folder List Hard Drives Move File Open & Save File Dialog Open File and assign to InputStream Print a Form Read Text File into List and convert Read Textfile into a List Read and Write Textfile Rename File Rename a Folder Replace Line in Texfile Select File Select Folder Show Folder Show Windows Explorer Textfile to and from String Use java.io.File Class Work with Files Fonts Add a Font List all fonts installed Set Font Awesome Character Typeface Forms Center Form on PrimaryScreen Change Form Background Color Change Tooltip Style Check Form is showing Check Form is visible Create Form without Titlebar Create Modal Dialog by Code Create Modal Form Create Modal Form by Code Create movable non-modal undecorated Form Disable Form Close X Button Form Resize Event Form Settings Handle Form Close via System Close Handle Mainform Size Intercept Key Pressed Move Undecorated Form Open Minimized Form Pass an Array to a Form Recognize Form Iconised Set Form Background Color Set Form Background Image Set Form Fill Screen Set Form Full Screen Set Form Icon Set Form Iconified Set Form Maximized Set Form Position Set Form Stage Mode Set Form Windowsize Limits Use Form Stage Object Use Modal Forms View Form on a Remote Desktop Google Maps About Add Point to Marker Polyline Add PolyLine between Markers Calculate Point Distance GMapsFX API GoogleMap Object Event Hints GoogleMap Reset JavaScript API Map Ready Event Marker InfoWindow Pane Resize Remove Markers Replace a Marker Set Camera Position Set Marker Properties HTMLEditor About Clear Initial Text Toolbar Add ColorPicker Toolbar Add Hyperlink Button Toolbars Hide/Show Image and ImageView Canvas to Image Create ImagePattern ImageView Add Tooltip ImageView Clickable ImageView ContextMenu ImageView ToggleButton Load Image to ImageView Screenshot using JavaObjects Ini Files Ini Files Map Format Ini Files Read and Write Inline Java About Inline Java Class Definition Inline Java Ext Library jSch Inline Java Ext Library jSoup/1 Inline Java Ext Library jSoup/2 Inline Java Get and Set Field Inline Java Global Vars usage Inline Java ListFiles Inline Java Map For Loop Inline Java NonUI MessageDialog Inline Java String[] Inline Java UI Dialogs Inline Java UI HelloWorld Inline Java UI HelloWorld Mac Look Inline Java UI TextFieldDialog InputStream Stream to String String to InputStream Internet Check for Updates Cookie Handler and Manager Download File from Internet HttpClient concurrent connections HttpUtils2 Set Temp Folder Show Server File Content Test Host Online Upload File to Internet JSON About Parse JSON Array Parse JSON file in order Parse Online Parse Save JSON Array Parse Save JSON Object Pretty String Object and Array Serialize Custom Types Use Settings JSON Format Jar AdditionJar with Files AdditionalJar Attribute External Jar Closure External Jar JSoup External Jar TinkerForge External Jar jSch Jar List Content Jar Reference Java About Get Java Version Jar Decompile Jar Run as Process Java Enum Values Access Use Eclipse Use Eclipse Batch Compiler JavaDoc Tags JavaFX Java Development About Batch to create Jar Example Hello (non-Eclipse) JavaFX Basic Example JavaObject Access JavaFX API methods not exposed Access a Java Class Access a Java Class Static Access a Java Class with Constructor Access an external Library Constructor not found Message Convert Java Array to B4J List Create Dialogs using Java Swing Get Java API Constant Field Values Launch associated application to open file Method not matched Set the MainForm Icon Use Enum Constants Use Java Awt Toolkit Use JavaObject Advanced Use JavaObject RunMethod JavaScript Replace using RegEx Run Script KeyEvents Execute KeyPress Get KeyName Value List of KeyCodes KeyValueStore About Apply KeyValueStore Quick Steps Check Key exists Label Align Text using CSSUtils Automatic Resize Set LED Style Set formatted Message in BorderPane Libraries Access External Library 1 Access External Library 2 Access Windows Libraries in Java B4J Library create using B4J B4J Library create using Java B4J Library create using Java XML B4J Library hints using Java B4J Library with Simple Library Compiler Convert Java List to B4X List vv Convert Java Map to B4X Map Tutorials Various Hints Where to find B4J Library list Where to find Updates to B4J Internal Libraries ListView Clear Selection Create Context Menu Create Transparent ListView Customized ListView one Line per Row Customized ListView two Lines per Row Customized ListView with CheckBox TextField ComboBox Customized ListView with CheckBoxes Customized ListView with Labels Customized ListView with TextFields Customized ListView with Type Data Customized Listview with Buttons Customized Listview with Hyperlink Disable Selection Scroll to Item selected Scroll to Last Item Set Item Font Size Set Item Height Set Item Hover Style Set Item selected Color Lists ArrayList Example Convert List into Array of Objects Create a sorted Typed List Get Item List Index Get List Items List Fixed Size List to String List to keep settings Read file content Remove List Item or items Search in a Typed List MQTT About Close MQTT Publish Example Publish a Message Raspberry Pi MQTT Setup Raspberry Pi Mosquitto Retain last Messages TinkerForge Brick MQTT Proxy Map File Write and ReadMap Map For Each Loop Map Iteration Map List Keys and Values Map save & restore Settings Map with Types Save Order of Map Matcher Find String by Wildcards Get Filelist by Extension Pattern Reference Media Play a media Menu About Build a Right Click Menu Create a Recent Files Menu Hide or unhide a MenuItem MenuBar Add ShortCut MenuBar Background Color MenuBar CheckMenuItem MenuBar EventName MenuBar EventName not set MenuBar Simple Example MenuBar add Separator MenuBar add Separator dynamically MenuBar build via Code MenuBar change Colors MenuBar with Images MenuItem Style MenuItem Tutorial Open a ContextMenu MsgBox and InputList About Sample About Message Sample Error Message Sample Information Message Sample InputList Sample InputList select file or folder Sample InputList select standard color Sample InputList select standard color 2 Sample Simple Message Sample Warning Message Sample Yes No Cancel Confirmation Sample Yes No Confirmation MySQL Connect MySQL DB Connect MySQL RemoteDB 1 Connect MySQL RemoteDB 2 Connect using JDBC Overview Create Table Example 1 Create Table Example 2 Hints Sample MySQL Select Records Remote DB Samples MySQL DB Access Network Get IP and Network Addresses Get Networking Properties Get Websocket RemoteIP Get the MAC Address Get your local IP Address Open URL in Default Browser Nodes Add Button to Form Add Label to Form Add OnScroll Event Customized Listview with CheckBox and TextField Find Node in Form Get All Views from a Pane Get Node Height List all Nodes Name each Node Rotate Node Rotate Node like ProgressBar Style Nodes Numbers IsDecimal IsNumber accept Digits only IsNumber not accept Literals Parse Long value Objects Convert a List into Array of Objects PDF View in WebView Pagination Example Panes AnchorPane Set constraints by coding BorderPane fill a Form Borderpane Get Center Width Height Pane add TableView RootPane Get Nodes ScrollPane Slider Change style SplitPane Set position Divider TabPane Set Background Image TitledPane set & get Title TitledPanes Switch in an Accordion ProgressBar Set Colors of a ProgressBar Set StyleClass using CSS Set StyleClass using JavaObject Set or get Progressvalue RadioButtons Check RadioButton selected Create RadioButtonGroup Raspberry Pi About & Hints B4J Server Quick Setup B4J Setup Bluetooth Crontab Database MySQL Database SQLite3 GPIO Pin Table Java Install/Update Linux Commands Scripting Set Fix IP Address Set MergeLibraries wiringPi Raspberry Pi Libraries jBH1750 Ambient Light jBMP180 Barometric Pressure jDHT Humidity & Temperature jLCD_I2C Display jPi4J GPIO Controller jTM1637 4 digits LED Display Raspberry Pi MQTT About B4J MQTT Setup Domoticz MQTT Broker TinkerForge Brick MQTT Proxy Raspberry Pi Remote Control About CPU Temperature Shutdown Switch LED via GPIO System Check Windows Remote Desktop Raspberry Pi Sample Projects About CPU Temperature GPIO Blinking LED GPIO Pin State Change HelloWorld (Inline Java UI Dialog) HelloWorld (WebApp) HelloWorld (non-UI) Python Script by B4J Python Script runs B4J Jar Run Bash Script Sensor Ambient Light Sensor Barometic Pressure UI App (jSwing) Raspberry Pi UI Apps JavaFXPorts About Development Hints Installation Sample GPIO LED Sample Hello World RegEx About Escape reserved Characters Get Content between HTML Tags Online Tool Split String Split URI Split2 Options Use ReplaceAll Validate IsAlpha Validate IsEmail Validate IsLowerCase Validate IsNumber Reports Creating Reports Resumable Subs About HTTP Download Handling Return Value SQLite About Alter Table Backup Database Check if a Record exists Connect to a SQLite Database Create a Database in a few steps Delete all Records Export each Record to single Textfile Find Table Get Database & Table info Get List of TableColumns Get List of Tables Get Number of Records Get SQLite version Import from CSV file Insert a BLOB in SQLite Database List Database Tableinfo Select Order for DateTime as Text Select using Wildcard Use Transaction Handling Use WAL Mode ScrollPane Add Nodes (B4J Visual Designer) Add ScrollPane Separator Create a Seperator Custom View SeparatorLine Serial About Clear Buffers Error Message Closing Connection Get COM port from list List Serial Ports Sample Arduino Communication Send Byte Value Server About Background Worker Bind ServerSocket to specific IP Address Non-UI App waiting HTTP Request completion ServerSocket Communication Set Server Static Files Options Shapes Draw a Rectangle using JavaObject Shell Check Java Process running Run DOS Shell Commands Run Sync Run a Jar File Run an external Program Show an URL (Non-UI) Show an URL (UI) Updating Jar Archive Windows Open Command Shell Windows Query Registry Windows Script Host running Slider Set Thumb Color Set Thumb Icon Set Track Color Show Value in Thumb Slider CSS Styling Slider Change Listener Event Slider additional Properties Smart String About Smart String Literal Smart String Literal About Examples Spinner About Create Spinner Control (JavaObject) Set StyleClass SplitPane Get Divider Position Set Divider Position Strings Add NewLine Add and Concatenate Strings Add platform independent new line char Build Delimited String from List Capitalize first Char of a String Check String is Number Concatenate Strings Convert String to Bytes Convert String to InputStream Convert String to Number Convert unicodeliterals to characters Escape HTML and URL characters Export Table to Textfiles Extract Number within String File2String and String2File Fill String Get Numeric Value Get Position Char Code Insert String Left, Mid and Right String Put String Quotes Replace between two Tokens Smart String Literal Sort Multiline String Split String into List Split String into String Array Split email addresses Trim, Pad and Fill String Strings Decode and Encode Basic Decode and Encode Mime Decode and Encode Styles Extra CSS file Style a Control Style a Control using JavaObject Sub Exit a Sub Sub Return Type Sub with String List as Parameter TabPage and TabPane Add Image to TabPage Add TabPages to TabPane Change TabPages Order ChangeTab Set TabPage View Properties Disable all Tabs except one Tab Hide / Unhide TabPane Remove selected TabPage Set Background Color TabPage Set Min Size TabPane Set TabPage Colors Set TabPage and Pane Style TableView Add Data to a TableView Add Row to a TableView Add and get Data from a TableView Change TableRow Color CSS Check Row Selected Clear Selection Create TableView with Textfield Customized TableView Examples Customized TableView with CheckBoxes Disable reordering of columns Export TableView to CSV file Export TableView to HTML Export TableView to Microsoft Excel Get Column Data as List Get Row Index SearchString Get or set TableView Cell Content Get selected Row Cell Values Handle Double Click on Selected Cell Handle Enter on Selected Cell Hide the Table Header Import CSV Refresh TableView Data ScrollTo and RequestFocus Select multiple Rows Set CSS Style Visual Designer Set Cell Alignment Set Cell Selection Model Set Column Header Style Set Column Resize Policy Set Column Style Set Columns with different alignment & colors Set Content Message Set Row Height Set Scrollbar Size Set new Value in Cell Set option to allow column resize Sort Columns in TableView TextArea Change Text handling Content to List Content to List of Maps Copy all text to Clipboard Disable the vertical scrollbar Drag and Drop Get Current Line Insert Text at Caret Position Number of Lines Replace Selection Reverse Content Scroll to last Position Set Animated Set Text Size Set Text centered TextField Change Case Context Menu Copy all Text to the Clipboard Eliminate Focus HightLight Handle Enter Key Handle KeyPress Events Handle MouseClick Event Join two Textfields Numeric Input Field Password Field Set Focus Traversable Set Text Size Spinner Control Field To UPPERCASE Validate Email Address Validate Text entered TextReader and TextWriter Alternative Methods! Handle TextReader & Writer Exceptions Read Textfile Line by Line Read Textfile to List Read Textfile to String Write List to Textfile TinkerForge About Brick MQTT Proxy Bricklet Data Inline Java Bricklet Listener Bricklet Listener 3 Bricklets Bricklet Listener JavaObject Bricklet Plugin Refresh Install Brick Daemon on Raspberry Pi Update Brick Daemon & Viewer Use Java API Binding Use JavaScript API Binding Use Raspberry Pi JavaScript Use Raspberry Pi and B4x Use Remote Switch Bricklet TinkerForge Inline Java About Sample AmbientLightv2 Listener Sample IO-16 TinkerForge MQTT About Brick MQTT Proxy Autostart Brick MQTT Proxy Example Connect to Mosquitto Broker Convert UNIX Timestamp Sample AmbientLight MQTT Sample AmbientLight MQTT Listener Sample IO-16 Sample LCD20x4 Sample RGB LED TinkerForge RED Brick About Installation Hints Issue Perl Update Run B4J Applications Set Static IP Address TinkerForge openHAB About Access a SiteMap Change File Ownership Charts Persistence & RRD4J Icons Location & Adding New Item Type Selection Log Files Sample AmbientLight Sample IO-16 Port State Sample IO-16 Port State B4J Sample Weather Data openHAB MQTT openHAB REST API TitledPane Change the Title Collapse or expand TitledPane Open and close TitledPane animated ToolBar Handle Form Resize Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample ComboBox Sample Subs Tooltips Add Tooltips Change ToolTip Style Multiline Tooltip TreeView About Change Color TreeCells Change Color TreeItems Check TreeItem Children Clear all Items Create TreeView CheckboxItems Expand all Nodes Get Selected Row Get all Children List Nodes Print all TreeView nodes Scroll to Row Set CSS Style Show Root Node Try Catch Exception Capture LastException StackTrace Use Try Catch exception handling Type Definition Save and Restore Types Use a Type for Settings UDP About Client-to-Client Communication Visual Designer About Button Add Icon Button Background Color transparent Change Label Background Color Color Picker set Alpha Level DatePicker add using JavaObject Extra CSS Generate Members from View Icon property recommended size Image centered in Pane Import FXML layouts Label Set Cursor Menu Items Tutorial Menu Separator MenuBar Background Color MenuBar EventName MenuBar EventName not set MenuBar Simple Example Slider StatusBar adding Tab load a specific Layout TabPane TabPages Taskbar move using Mouse ToolBar View adding Tooltip Set Style View ID setting View Size in %x and %y WYSIWYG WebApps About Example B4J Handler updating HTML Selector Example HelloWorld Example HelloWorld B4J Event Example HelloWorld B4J Event via JS Function Get All Element IDs TextArea HTML ID and Variable Name Case JavaScript Dialogs examples JavaScript Hints JavaScript Optimizer Optimize code Redirect HTML file Set Jetty Idle Timeout Set Jetty Logging Level Set and Get HTML Tag Property Setup B4J as Public WebServer Start B4J WebApp as Daemon Web Service calling WebApp Message to Clients WebApps Hints WebHandle Request URI Parameter WebHandle URL with Parameter WebHandle create and open HTML file WebHandle replace Page Content WebSocket Implement Clock WebSocket Remote Client IP WebApps ABMaterial Framework About Raspberry Pi Switch LED WebApps Intel App Framework About WebApps W3 CSS About Input Check Element Input RadioButton Element Input Select Element Input Text Element Modal Dialog Confirmation Modal Dialog Message Show Modal Dialog Show Popup Dialog Connected Clients WebApps jQuery jQuery Selector Case Sensitive jQuery UI About jQuery UI DataTable jQuery UI DataTable Example jQuery UI DataTable Formatting jQuery UI DataTable Row Select jQuery UI DataTables API jQuery UI DatePicker jQuery UI Dialogs jQuery UI Dialogs - old jQuery UI Dialogs Summary jQuery UI DynaTree Plugin jQuery UI HelloWorld jQuery UI Slider WebApps jQuery & Bootstrap About Bootstrap Switch WebApps jQuery Mobile jQuery Mobile About jQuery Mobile Button jQuery Mobile Button events jQuery Mobile Form Controls jQuery Mobile Message Dialog jQuery Mobile Select Menu jQuery Mobile Style Changes jQuery Mobile TextArea ReadOnly WebView Access WebEngine API Methods Create SetOnAlert Handler Disable Context Menu Execute own JavaScript Functions Get & Set Field Value Get & Set HTML Element Property Get Data from JavaScript Function Get the History as List Get the WebPage Title Load HTML File POST request Scroll To Bottom of WebView Set WebView Content Show an Image Simple Help Class using WebView Use JavaScript Alert Confirm Prompt Use WebEngine executeScript Use WebEngine executeScript with Maps XML Parse SOAP Tags Parse XML file into a TreeView XMLBuilder Sample creating XML Set Standalone Property openHAB About Hints Raspberry Pi Autostart Raspberry Pi GPIO Setup Raspberry Pi Installation Sample GPIO LED switch Sample GPIO LED switch with Mail Action Sample TinkerForge Weather Data Start Stop Status and File Locations
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