Welcome to my collection of Make Projects.  The creations make selective use of hardware, like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO and TinkerForge Building Blocks.  Developed with software B4X (Anywhere Software), Node-RED (IBM) or other.

LCD Char Maker - Create custom characters for LCD displays.

LCD Char Maker enables creating custom characters, for Make Projects, using LCD displays connected f.e. to Arduino, ESP or Raspberry Pi.
LCD Displays supported are 16x2 and 20x4 columns & rows. The code for a custom character generated is C and B4X.

Developed with B4J.
v1.65 (20170227)

NowPlaying - Volumio current song on LCD display connected to a Raspberry Pi.

NowPlaying shows on a LCD 20x4 display, the current Title, Artist, Album, Durtation played by Volumio.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3. Software: Volumio, B4J.
v0.9 (20170225)

parkSTOP - Indicator when parking position reached.

The parkSTOP device visually indicates via LED if parking position is reached.
In addition, indicate via Android App the actual distance and if parking position reached.
Usage f.e. to park in the garage for cars without parking distance sensors or park at an exact position.

Hardware: Arduino UNO. Software: B4R, B4A. Case: LEGO.
v1.0 (20170124)

THime - Clock and more

On a 4-Bit LED Digital Tube Module, show the actual time in HH:mm 24h format, the actual temperature (Deg C) and Humidity (%RH). Controlled via Infrared Remote Control.

Hardware: Arduino UNO. Software: B4R, B4A. Case: LEGO.
v1.0 (20170114)

numberX - Random Number Generator

The first simple Make Project as a starter. Press a button and generate randomly a number displayed on a LED display.

Hardware: Arduino UNO. Software: B4R. Case: LEGO.
v1.0 (20170108)

Lighthouse58 - build with Lego & Raspberry Pi & TinkerForge

A showcase based upon the LEGO ® Lighthouse Point 31051 which build has been enhanced.
Integrated are several objects with devices, e.g. Top Light, OLED display Weather Underground data, Motion Detector, Outdoor Light, Indoor Lights, Light Dimmers, Ambient Light, LED Status Indicators. The Control Unit hardware is a Raspberry Pi with TinkerForge Bricks & Bricklets.
Lighthouse58 several control options:

  • Node-RED Browser Dashboard.
  • Windows Client (developed with B4J).
  • Browser Dashboard (multi client control) running as a Server (developed with B4J) on the Control Unit.
More details read the Lighthouse58 Concept (PDF).

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, TinkerForge Building Blocks. Software: B4J. Case: LEGO.
v1.0 (20161009)

WeatherCubeOne - LCD display with weather information & clock

More details read the WeatherCubeOne Concept (PDF).

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, TinkerForge Building Blocks. Software: B4J. Case: MakerBeam.
v2.0 (20160628)

Little Crane - move a servo motor

This experiment moves a Little Crane arm (used some LEGO parts) up and down via browser connected to a B4J websocket server.
When the arm moves, the Red LED is turned on else the Green LED is on (waiting for the mini servo motor to move).

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, mini server motor. Software: B4R, B4J.
v1.0 (20160620)

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My Make Projects, 2016-2017 by Robert W.B. Linn