[IoT] Internet of Things Experiment - Weather Cube One v1 (B4J)

Display Date & Time, Air Pressure, Temperature and Humidity on a TinkerForge LCD 20x4 display and on a Domoticz Client Browser. The components:

  • Hardware Raspberry Pi 2B
  • Hardware TinkerForge Master Brick and the Bricklets Temperature, Barometer, Humidity and LCD20x4
  • Software Domoticz Home Automation Server
  • B4J Application weathercubeone
The 4 buttons on the LCD 20x4 display function as 1 = Backlight turn On / Off; 2 = Domoticz usage turn On / Off; 3 = Show WeatherCubeOne Version; 4 = Shutdown WeatherCubeOne.

For more information, read the detailed description, the readme.txt or the project source code.
Download the Project Source here.

Last Change Aug 08, 2015
Minor Improvements

NEW: Showcase WeatherCubeOne v2.

Showcase WeatherCubeOne v1